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DataDevice specialises in office automation technologies for the modern workforce and their clients. We deploy workflow management tools, data capture platforms, enterprise content management systems, mobile technologies and UI experiences. DataDevice will help you manage and utilise data to accelerate customer service, streamline business processes, enhance knowledge sharing, speed up time to market and increase responsiveness.

We empower organisations to incorporate business process management technologies across entire business systems – in and outside the firewall. Whether capturing, pushing or sharing business critical information for on-the-go workforces and clients, DataDevice​ will help you maintain accuracy, security, compliance and auditability.

To back up this up we can build advanced solutions combining domain knowledge with intellectual advantages and resource flexibility. We help our clients optimise their time-to-market and minimise software development risks. With an unrivalled talent pool of highly skilled software engineers we can provide the technical skills, accountability and industry knowledge needed to deliver business critical solutions on time and on budget.

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       DockMee        Microsoft Partners        Email Manager                Mi-Forms        Nintex      

Our Customers

       DockMee        Microsoft Partners                Mi-Forms        Nintex       Microsoft Partners        Email Manager                Mi-Forms        Nintex       bbcdigital        binglee        camnet                Mi-Forms        Mi-Forms        Nintex       Mi-Forms        Nintex       Mi-Forms        Nintex